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Koi have been the passion and probably obsession of Dave Dyson and the Cascade Team for over 25 years. Headed by Dave and Pam Dyson, Cascade Water Gardens has developed into one of the UK’s leading Koi and Aquatic Outlets. Cascade are able to offer not only an impressive selection of Koi, Coldwater and Pond Fish but also an outstanding range of dry goods to compliment any aquatic project, be it amateur hobbyist or expert Koi keeper planning a new Pond

We pride ourselves in offering professional advice backed up by years of experience

In this department you will find:

Japanese Koi from Ogata Koi Farm, hand selected by us at both the spring and autumn harvests. We believe Ogata offers the best in Health, Quality and Variety as well as being an exceptional Koi Breeder, Manabu and Hirome Ogata are perfect hosts on our regular trips to select Japanese Koi.

Israeli Koi hand selected from Koi Farms originally part of the mighty Magnoy but now striding out as individual breeders with the independence to improve, lets hope so !! We have been heavily involved with the promotion and improvement of Koi from Israel for over 20 years, the farms are now producing consistent Quality, Healthy Koi in many varieties.

The Blanket Weed & Algae Cures are probably our biggest selling product and we highly recommend products like Cloverleaf Blanket Answer, Stop Blanket Weed from Evolution Aqua, Goodbye Blanket Weed.

The Air Pumps from Evolution Aqua Airtech, Pond One O2 Plus

Aquadyne Pressure Bead Filters - We are Sole Northern Distributors of these world leading filters. The only bead filter you can be sure its clean inside and used by us for over 15 years.

Pond Vacuums include the Pond Monsta Pond Vac from Blagdon, all tried and tested products for keeping your pond clean and clear.

Koi Filters are our speciality and we have over 30 years experience in filtration for Koi Ponds. We are the UK's leading Retailer of Evolution Aqua Koi Filters including the Nexus Eazy 210, Nexus Eazy 310 - Easy Koi Filter, the Eazy Pod and Eazy Pod Air.

Roto Innovation launched their Concept Gravity Shower Koi Filter and the popular Shower Tube Filters into a very difficult market dominated by Nexus and although it is aimed at top end Koi Ponds it seems to hold its own in quality of build, design and value for money. Initial reports from early customers are very favourable, particularly regarding clarity of water and very fast maturation times.

Our Pond Pumps for all your Koi Ponds, Water Gardens, Fountains and Waterfalls are carefully selected for Reliability, Performance, Design and Value for money. We carry Pumps from Sequence Pond Pumps, Pond One Stingray, Laguna Powerjet Maxflo and Laguna Powerjet Freeflo.

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Cascade Water Gardens Helping You Keep Your Koi Ponds and Water Gardens For 30 Years